Monday, January 27, 2014

Anna Does Sorted: Swedish meatballs

I actually made the Swedish meatballs before Christmas break/graduation. Whoops. But I wanted to give them a post of their own because it'd just be unfair otherwise.

I made these for a work Christmas party, the theme of which was "Christmas Around the World," and people brought food from places they've lived or their family's heritage. You're probably thinking that my family is Swedish so that's why I made these. On the contrary, my family is not Swedish. But my family is YouTube, so I felt it plenty appropriate.

I cheated a little bit in that I didn't actually make the meatballs from scratch, mostly because of time/money constraints. I promise next time I will though because the whole process really isn't that labor intensive otherwise. I also didn't make any potatoes for a small side, mostly because we'd have so much food at the party it would almost be overkill. The sauce for these meatballs is absolutely amazing and nothing about it is tricky either. It might not be the "most traditional" Swedish meatballs recipe ever but it certainly is plenty tasty so if you're some kind of Swedish meatball purist I still hope you'll give this one a chance. You won't be disappointed.

Everyone at my work party loved the dish and asked all about the recipe. I'm glad I could direct them to the Sorted website and/or YouTube channel. Because if anyone deserves all the viewers in the world it's the Sorted crew.

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