Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Anna Does Sorted: Chicken katsu curry

These days it seems like I'm constantly craving curry, so tonight when Peter asked if I wanted to make dinner together (again), I jumped on the opportunity to make some kind of curry. I searched through Sorted's curry category and eventually found chicken katsu curry. I chose this one because I already had almost all the ingredients and it had pretty short prep and cook times.

Peter never really tried curry before, of any variety, so I really wanted this dish to turn out well. I feel like someone's first curry experience affects all future curry experiences. I'd never tried this recipe either so I was kind of worried it wouldn't be his thing; after all, even I didn't know if I would like the particular flavors. But curry has become a huge thing in my life so if my best friend doesn't like . . . Well, that could be an issue.
The most difficult, or perhaps more accurately most annoying, part of this recipe, besides finding the panko at the grocery store, was cooking the chicken all the way through. One of our chicken breasts was surprisingly thick, even after cutting it in half and opening it like a book. So that was more so just unlucky and like I said before totally annoying. I probably would have said that cutting the onions was the most difficult part but I made Peter do that instead. So once we got over the hurdle of cooking the chicken longer than we thought it needed to be cooked for, the actual finished product was lovely. The panko was golden brown and the chicken was moist as ever.

The curry itself was so tasty! I think it had the perfect amount of spiciness and was so flavorful. I wish I had a stick blender so I could've made it smooth but I still managed to enjoy it even though the onions were just chopped up. Though the recipe says it makes 2 servings and Peter and I both ate a decent amount, there's still probably enough left for at least one more meal; I always love having leftovers. And I have plenty of panko left for the next time I want to make chicken katsu curry, or some other chicken-covered dish.

I'm thinking my next Sorted recipe will be something suitable for Super Bowl Sunday eating. Peter jokingly said I had to bake a dessert from scratch because he knows how much I dislike baking. But it's highly unlikely that will come to fruition.

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