Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Anna Does Sorted: Chicken tikka masala

It really is all curry all the time in my apartment these days. Tonight I tried my hand at chicken tikka masala and what a great plan that was. I miraculously found chicken breasts in the freezer so thank you to my past self for buying chicken a while back even though I had no plans for it. Peter invited himself over for dinner after I texted him asking if he had chicken (this was before I found any in my freezer) but that was fine because I don't like to pass up any chances of exposing him to new foods.

The Sorted recipe for chicken tikka masala also has the recipe to make raita, and I'm not sure exactly what that is, but I'm sure it's delicious so feel free to try that part and let me know what you think. I know there's aubergine in it, which is the British-English way to say eggplant, so that's fascinating.


This was Peter's second experience with a curry of sorts and I'm happy to report it turned out quite well. He did say he liked the chicken katsu curry more but I don't blame him; that was also delicious. Sadly, I started cooking before he got home from work so I actually had to cut the TWO ONIONS by myself Luckily, I found Becca's old goggles from chemistry. Wearing those helped substantially. I'll seriously be totally content with never having to cut onions ever again in my entire life. That's a good enough reason to get married, right? So someone else will have to cut onions for everything we make?

The only part of this recipe I "struggled" with was marinating the chicken in the paste long enough. It was probably just over an hour but I wish I'd looked at the recipe last night and had it marinade that whole time. I'm sure when I eat the leftovers tomorrow it'll be even tastier. Everything about this is perfectly easy, even easier than the chicken katsu curry which was already really easy. Most people probably have all the spices in their cupboards as well, except for maybe garam masala. I always borrow that from my friend Badger.

The recipe also says it serves 6 but those must be 6 pretty huge portions: Peter and I both had a big bowl and Becca and Stacy tried some as well, still leaving a significant portion to be put away until tomorrow. So that's a definite advantage of this recipe.

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