Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Anna Does Sorted: Tropical knickerbocker glory

On Saturday, Peter wanted to make some kind of dessert. I immediately suggested the Nutella salted caramel cookies but he apparently doesn't like Nutella enough to want to make those, so once again my idea was shot down. (Some day I'll convince him.) Before going to work that afternoon I perused the Sorted website on my phone. Eventually he tired of my suggestions and took my phone to look for himself. He eventually found the tropical knickerbocker glory. I vaguely remembered seeing the video for it but couldn't remember anything about it otherwise, but he looked at the ingredient list and decided it sounded yummy.

So he dropped me off at work and went to the store, grocery list in hand to get various fruits, sweetened condensed milk and all the other things he didn't already have. When he picked me up at 10:30 that night, I fully expected him to regale me with the tale of how making his dessert went. But he actually hadn't made it yet and enlisted my "help" in putting it together. ("Help" being in quotation marks because it's not like he actually needed assistance.)

He decided to forgo making the caramel, something I was actually pretty bummed about. I myself was skeptical of the recipe only because I'm not a fan of avocados. They're just not my thing; feel free to leave me nasty comments but my only response will be haters gonna hate. When you combine avocado with condensed milk you've got something pretty darn tasty, I will admit. Peter isn't super fond of raspberries so he decided to get blackberries instead, something else I got bummed about because I love raspberries. It was his dessert though so I couldn't exactly make a fuss.

Armed with a blender, and not a food processor, we got to liquefying avocado, mango and blackberries.

I was the one who dolloped, poured or dropped each layer into our glasses. Always one to give me a hard time, Peter made it abundantly clear that it didn't look like the finished product in the video. I don't doubt for a second that it tasted any less delicious though!

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