Monday, August 9, 2010

Goal Setting

So there's this girl named HayleyGHoover who I admire very much. Through the Internet, that is. Yes, I admire her through the Internet; that doesn't stop her from being any less awesome. Today she wrote a blogpost about having lost some weight. I'd noticed this progression and knew some of her backstory but overall it was really interesting to find out about. [I make it seem as if Hayley and I are friends but really we've only communicated through YouTube comments & Twitter].

My guess is you can see where this is going, what with the weight loss talk. And just so you know, in between the time that I wrote that first paragraph and now this one: I ate 4 pieces of DiGiornio pizza. Clearly that shouldn't be happening. On account of how I get home from work around 10:30 or 11 at night, I am VERY hungry. There is no way around it: I have to eat when I get home. However, I could probably eat healthier. No, I definitely could eat healthier. Back at school I used to joke about how I wanted to get in way good shape before the boys got back from their missions. As my roommates and I always say, "There is truth in every jest", and this situation is no different. I still have almost 2 years to be healthier so it probably sounds a little ridiculous, so more on that later.

I legitimately want to be in shape. I'm not going to stop eating crap food, but I will just exercise more after eating the aforementioned crap food. Like Hayley, I am a sucker for pizza rolls; I shouldn't have to stop eating those to be happy with myself. And the thing is: I am happy with myself. At only 5' 5" I probably should be skinnier. I don't even think people realize how much I weigh. I dress in a way so as to minimize the fact that I have some extra weight. During school I did actually lose a little bit of weight but it was nothing drastic. This time when I go back to school I will be losing weight: I have decided as such. I'm taking a soccer class and I'm really planning that it will motivate me to be a better athlete. Running alone is not my thing. I have tried many times to run, and maybe I'm just doing it wrong or something but I honestly don't think I am a runner. Soccer will give me purpose w/ running.

I honestly don't know how much I weigh, or even how much weight I want to lose. I should probably figure that out soon . . . But right now this is the plan: by May 2011 I will be a better athlete, I will lose 25 pounds [I feel like this is a good number since I know I have it to lose], I will document my findings on this blog. May 2011 may seem like an extraneous date but May is when the first second semester boy left on his mission; he was an important piece of the freshman year puzzle so marking time by him is kind of symbolic, I guess. At that point I will have one year left before they all start trickling on home, so I can really get some perspective on what I have accomplished/what is left to accomplish.

I'm counting on you guys to help me out if I need it. Give me suggestions on sports to try that make exercise not such a chore. I love sports because I'm not forced into them as exercise: I already love it so it's not work. I want to do it because it IS a sport. Give me food suggestions. I'm sure you'll have plenty to say.

But like I already said, I'll still be eating some crap.


Bex said...

i second this. lets do it together! i don't know many sports other than soccer though, and volleyball doesn't exactly do cardio workouts. i'm sure we can figure something out ;)

SJo said...

Swimming and biking are some of the best workouts. They tone most of your muscles. They are also kinder to your joints and when you are old you will thank yourself.