Saturday, August 21, 2010

Summer Begins-ish!

Well, sort of. I'm done with work for the year so now I get to relax . . . right? Last night was my last day and it was AWESOME. There were 3 power outages, all very quick but fun nonetheless. I was working w/ my friend Allie so she made the night great; we sang Double Rainbow so could we really get more amazing? It feels great to be done. I'm already worried about not having money for school, though. Last year I worried as well but now that I technically don't have a job for a year all I can think of is "What will I do if I don't have enough money?" If I keep worrying about it I'll never be able to sleep at night; I paid my 10% so I just have to take it on faith. Already I've received blessings from that so I can't complain. [And now my mom is talking to me about money . . . Oh my gosh, STOP IT. I don't mind talking about money usually but the way she talks about it DOES NOT MAKE ME FEEL OKAY]

After getting off from work I went to my friend Megan's house to watch Lord of the Rings and eat pizza & cake w/ my other friends. It was fun. I saw the entire Battle of Helm's Deep and onward so that was good; I love the Battle of Helm's Deep. I slept over there and we ate unhealthy cereal for breakfast. All in all: a good night.

But now that work is done I just get to pack for school. I really don't mind packing and I'm going to attempt getting all my wardrobe in one suitcase. I know, very challenging.

There's a nice little picture of what my bed currently looks like. That is basically my entire wardrobe. We'll see how it goes.

That's what I'm off to do now: pack. And also, eat lunch.

UPDATE: Packing is not going so well. My brother keeps telling me I'm bringing too much. But I can't exactly leave a lot of the stuff behind; I say that sincerely, too. It's not just one of those "Well I don't really NEED IT but I WANT IT" things. I need my blankets, I need my sheets, I need my shoes. Well, that's 3 boxes right there buddy boy, what exactly do you want me to leave behind? I'll end up ditching a lot of clothes I'm pretty sure but oh well.

Another trouble I'm finding is deciding what I'll wear for the next few days after most of my clothes are packed away. Most likely I'll wear super old band t-shirts and random shorts from the back of my dresser.

UPDATE II: Packing is going VERY well. I know, it's a big change from before. I have almost all of my clothes in my good ol' black suitcase. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I actually love packing on account of how it is like Tetris. Hopefully, it will all work out.


SJo said...

Anna! I love reading your blog! I can't wait to see you in person again. Are you driving down with your family again? Are you going to come hang out with me? Good. See you soon.

Bex said...

still haven't started packing. and am unable to do so, being in washington and my clothes/personal items in california. see you in utah soon! (ps. my brother says that to me every time we pack to go to school. then when we get there, i have the least crap of ALL my roommates.)