Sunday, September 5, 2010

One week down, so many more to go

Today marks the official beginning of my second week of school; well, obviously I don't have school on Sunday but ever since I had to not use my Doctor Who calendar I've gone back to thinking of Sunday as the first day on the calendar.

The first week of sophomore year: wow. It was exciting and interesting and nothing like I imagined and yet very similar to how I thought it would pan out. Classes were kind of killer, as expected, yet I did not necessarily expect how I intense I would be about some of them, media writing specifically. I want to do SO WELL in that class that even though it's going to take so much of my time and effort, I know it will be worth it. Basically, I've already spent a ton of time studying and reading. I really do like it muchly, though. It's like . . . I really don't mind spending the hours of one to four studying and reading. I don't at all, and that's kind of weird.

On the social side of things there is nothing much to report. On account of how I have this incredible affinity to boys being my friends that has been the priority of sorts. However, it has yet to really come to anything. I have met plenty of boys who would fit the mold of great boy_friend but nothing has really progressed. Last night was the first night when I met a boy who REALLY fit what a great friend would be; one of my roommates knows him from summer semester and introduced us. He hung out w/ us after the football game [THE COUGARS WON!] and he and I pretty much talked just to each other the whole time. I don't know if I'll see him again but he definitely gave me hope for the boys of Utah.

I best be off to do some homework now. I'm going camping tonight w/ some family friends and I doubt I'll have time to do any of it on Monday.

And since school has started again, I'm going to start doing my t-shirt recordings again.

T-shirt: Indiana Jones

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