Monday, September 20, 2010


I spend a lot of time thinking about school. I spend a lot of time actually at school. I spend a lot of time doing school work.

I spent most of tonight reading Oedipus. Yeah, the one where the guy kills his father and then marries his mother and she bears his children and they live happily for almost ever after until he realizes it even though he's been trying to avoid it his whole life.

Let's just say I would rather have been watching the football game.

School is important. I love school. And yet some times I wish I could be as smart as I am without having done any of it. I realize this is completely impossible because without the events of my life thus far I doubt I would even be here writing this. College has really made me appreciate the education I received as a child. Whether it be in social situations or in classroom situations, I know how to handle myself.

There are just days where I wish things could go back to the dynamic of freshman year. Well, more like I wish the same people were around and we could do some of the same things and lots of other new things, too. Fridays and Saturdays freshman year were ridiculous and lovely in the best ways possible. Every day really had something great to offer. The people around me were so utterly fantastic that I could not even begin to imagine life without them, even if right now all we have are letters. [Speaking of which, I got one today and it lifted my heart like only a letter can.]

Sophomore year has been going quite well, actually. I've been staying on top of my school work. I'm not behind on YouTube; though, I do wish I had more alone time to film a video or two. The friend machine has even been put into motion. I've mentioned before my affinity for guy friends and this past weekend has given me hope for the development. Any guy friends I make have a lot to live up to, though. [I don't think anyone will ever replace the perfect man w/ gentle hair & soft as silk hands. And yes, this is an inside joke w/ my best boy_friend of last year. And no, he won't ever be reading this.] Things are as they seemingly should be.

And yet . . .

Maybe how things should be isn't how they need to be.

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