Monday, April 18, 2011

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I believe it was in my first post of BEDA that I (very) briefly mentioned how next spring will "be a time of utmost happiness and wonder." And since I'm done with 2 of my 3 finals and my next one isn't until Wednesday, I figured I would take a little time to describe why I'm so excited about next spring.

As is pretty common with my life, we have to go back first to freshman year of college.

I met these really awesome guys last year. Some of them are my best friends, by far. They are the epitome of lovely. But here's the deal: in the LDS Church, when guys turn 19 they are strongly encouraged to serve a 2 year mission. They go to various places throughout the United States and the world, preaching the Gospel and testifying of Christ. They do so for 2 years straight. Their main form of communication with the outside world is the good ol' postal service. They e-mail with their families every week and call home on Mother's Day and Christmas.

Seeing as I'm not actually related to any of these awesome boys I met once upon a time, I really like writing/mailing/receiving/reading letters. I've spent more money on postage in the last year than I have in the rest of my life combined. It's pretty crazy.

I'm sure you'll remember at this point that I said the boys are gone for 2 years. After winter semester ended last year, basically all of the boys left some time in the summer months, meaning that they will all return about a year from now. Now, one of my favorite boys/closest friends was the first one to leave after winter semester; he was on his way to Scotland in like the second week of May. But guess what? That means he has just over a year left! Which means that at this time next year I will be FREAKING OUT over seeing one of my best friends after having not seen him in over 2 years; after having only talked to him through letters; after having to wait weeks for letters to come. And at the beginning of June my absolute best friend will be returning from Washington DC, so that's pretty dang exciting as well. I'm just really lucky that the two boys I want to see the most are both from Utah, enabling me to see them while I'm around for spring semester.

Yeah, that's right! I'll be at school next spring semester! Pretty much the only reason I'm staying is so I can see them. Why would I actually want to stay in Utah? To get an education? Pssht, I think not.

So yeah, I'm going to be the happiest I've pretty much ever been next spring. It's going to be awesome.

Last YouTube video I watched: Pacific vs. Atlantic

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