Sunday, April 24, 2011

From the car

By the time you read this, it will already be Sunday but believe me that I wrote it on Saturday. It’s currently 10:15 PM and we’re somewhere in Illinois, probably making it home around midnight.

Today I saw my friend Kate! It was sweet. I had a cashew butter and cherry jam sandwich at this sweet little restaurant in Ames, Iowa. Yeah, you read that write: CASHEW BUTTER. It was DELICIOUS. After that she showed me all around campus, which was also awesome. I love going to different campuses, it gives you a little look into what people’s lives are like. It’s a very surreal experience as well since it’s not your campus, if that makes sense.

And for good measure here’s a picture from the day. It has swans in it, as you can see. They are named Lady Elaine and Sir Lancelot. Even though they have those names, people aren’t even sure whether they’re male and female, or both male, or both female. People have never known apparently.

As for what I’m doing now: I’ve got The Office going and I’m texting a bunch of my friends for some extra entertainment. It’s good times. The Office (namely Jim Halpert) always brings good times. Today I read almost all of Will Grayson, Will Grayson too! I’d started it yesterday but today really was a great John Green day. I started Paper Towns again as well but it started getting too dark for me to continue. Paper Towns is the ultimate travel book for me since involves a road trip, so fancy that.

Once again, all of my good blogging thoughts were siphoned away by the fact that I wrote more to Jordan and saw Kate. They get all the good thoughts out of me. (My mom is talking to someone on the phone and is trying to pronounce “Sirius” as in Sirius satellite radio. She said it like “Cirrus” and I went all “No! It’s SIR-I-US – LIKE HARRY POTTER.” I showed her good.)

And now I will go back to focusing on The Office. Sadly, I don’t have a YouTube video that I watched today since I was literally in the car the whole time. Just go watch some Shaytards and life will be good, I promise.

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