Friday, April 22, 2011

Gatorade and I'm in Nebraska

My favorite flavor of Gatorade is the one that's ice blue. I can't remember what it's called exactly but it sure is delicious and I often drink it on road trips. Hold the cursor! MY PIZZA IS HERE.

It's been over an hour now and while eating pizza I watched Say Yes to the Dress, Community, and Bones. I'm about to start The Office but I wanted to finish this first.

So . . . NEBRASKA. I like it less than Wyoming. I hate western Nebraska, just putting it out there. Once we get close to Iowa I'll be happy. I like Iowa a lot, actually.

I had this whole plan for what I wanted to write about but I have completely forgotten what that stuff was. I came up w/ it in the car so who knows where that thought went now.

Wow, this post is so lame. I sincerely apologize. I think the problem is when I'm in the car I have A LOT of time to think. By the time I get to somewhere with Internet the thoughts have kind of already made their way through the system that is my mind. Another thing about today is that I spent HOURS writing back to my Scottish lad Jordan. It's probably one of the best letters I've written to him and I'm technically not done with it since I'll be sending him pictures and Reese's Pieces as well. So yeah, when I write to Jordan I walk my way through my past few weeks, examining my life in a sense. I've already gone through my life, my month, my week, my day, basically all my thoughts with Jordan (metaphorically speaking of course since he's across the Atlantic). At this point I don't have much left to give to you guys. Sorry, kids.

The last YouTube video I watched: Skyway Flyer - "Take Me Away" [BECCA YOU NEED TO WATCH/LISTEN TO THIS SONG. I THINK YOU'LL LOVE IT]

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Bex said...

hahaha yesssss !! i'm counting how many times my name is mentioned in your blog. i haven't counted yet but its a good majority of your BEDA posts. LOVE IT!!