Thursday, April 21, 2011

Polygadates and I'm in Wyoming

The plan originally was to leave for home on Friday. Well, that didn't happen. Instead I'm laying on a queen sized bed in a Comfort Inn somewhere in Wyoming, waiting for the 100th episode of 30 Rock to begin. As you'll know if you've been reading my blog, I'm way into 30 Rock lately. Even more so than I was before.

Before I talk about the trip thus far, and road trips in general, I must recount last night's events. My roommate Lorraine and I, yes the Lorraine I wrote the acrostic poem about, hung out w/ our good ol' friend Steven. We met him through another roommate when they were kind of dating. They broke up but we still love him. We went on what we decided to call a "polygadate." Sound it out if you don't understand yet. You'll get it. We went bowling, at which time Steven wasted us. Then we got frozen yogurt which I've never really had before since I'm pretty much addicted to custard. We ended up drawing on all their little handout pieces of paper and talking about life, especially dating. When we left the froyo place we jumped in a bunch of puddles. Yeah, we're pretty much six years old. We also played Bananagrams in which I schooled everyone.

Steven eventually had to go because he still had an exam today. Lorraine and I eventually ran off to Smith's to buy Chinese food. By that point it was around 1 am. So yeah, Chinese was definitely a necessity at that point. We watched She's the Man and stayed up talking until 4 am. What a great life.

I spent the entirety of today packing. Literally packing everything. And then I cleaned. And said good-bye to my peoples. It was intense.

So back to the current place in time: this hotel in Wyoming. Road trips are crazy. I love them. I sit in the backseat with my books, crossword puzzles, movies and such. I never sit in normal positions in cars either. My shoes come off and my blanket and pillow are my best friends. For me driving halfway across the country is normal. I do it twice a year and I don't really get tired of it. It's just the ritual I go through to return to whichever home I'm heading, whether it be to good ol' Wisconsin where my heart truly resides or Utah where my new family resides.

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Bex said...

thinking about it now, i can't believe i forgot to say goodbye. possibly because i try not to think about leaving people and its more like a little vacation since i'm going back..i forgot to factor in that you're not. there's never been utah without anna! what will i do??