Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Study break

I've been in the library since around noon, so obviously it's time for me to take a(nother) break.

My final exam of sophomore year is this evening from 5:45 to 7:45. It's for history. And I am pretty much fed up with studying. Even though I've been watching 30 Rock constantly, it hasn't been going all that great. Well, the studying itself has been fine. I'm pretty sure I'm prepared but as far as my discipline and focus: yeah, both of those are basically gone, hence the reason I'm blogging and watching even more 30 Rock. (I'm on my 8th episode of the day.) What is it about that last exam that makes life so difficult? Everything about it seems to take forever. My afternoon has never felt so long. G-chat has definitely been keeping me company, though.

So now I'm inspired to talk about the things I do to take breaks. Besides watching 30 Rock and other things on Netflix, like Psych.

Sometimes I eat snacks but that's usually just if I'm hungry. I text my friends and ask them about their days. I peruse tumblr. A lot. I check my Touch to see if anyone has moved on Words with Friends (and they haven't, by the way). Depending on how big of a break I'm taking, I do something athletic, like frisbee. I look on Amazon for sneakers I want to buy. I distract my roommates from their own work. If I have letters in my possession, I reply to them with love.

Luckily, one of my friends from home, who attends the same school as me again now, is coming to visit me in the library. I'm really excited. So time to study again before she gets here because apparently she has many stories for me!

Last YouTube video I watched: Space Monday

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