Sunday, April 24, 2011

Doctor Who & being home

I just finished watching the newest episode of Doctor Who and all I can say is, "WHAT THE HECK!" It was crazy in the way that I love crazy things. Matt Smith is quirky in the best way. Every time I watch new episodes I just want to go back and watch from the beginning, meaning from Christopher Eccleston on. I've honestly never watched Classic Who before. Nothing against it, I'm sure it's fantastic but I'm New Who is kind of my thing.

As for BEING HOME . . . My room is awesome. My dad re-did some of it in that he fixed the ceiling which was kind of messed up, moved my bed and dresser and mirror thing, put up new bookshelves which I desperately needed and I got a new bed frame! So fancy that. We're going to paint the shelves some time this week. They're either going to be green or I might splatter paint them for funsies. I even found a bunch of old posters in my room I didn't know we still had! They're from when my brother and I were quite young, old school Green Bay Packers stuff. I've already put my Reggie White poster on the wall behind my bed, just like it was when I was around 6. I probably won't put up my photo wall this summer but having these posters up will make my room feel more like me.

I'm in the process of unpacking, something I strangely enjoy. I like packing to go somewhere, like school. I like unpacking when I get there. I hate packing to come home. Yet I like unpacking once I'm there. It's a strange cycle.

And since my friend Becca is counting the number of times she's mentioned in my blog . . . BECCA BECCA BECCA BECCA BECCA BECCA. She just jumped out of an airplane yesterday, so that's quite exciting.

Last YouTube video I watched: Doctor What

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Bex said...

i keep telling myself i'm going to count them all, but there's just too many! HAHA YAY!!