Friday, June 24, 2011

On having a job & being an "adult"

My summer job pays pretty well as far as summer jobs are concerned. It's in a cream cheese factory. How much more Wisconsin could I get, eh? Being a factory job means you get paid well. I'm getting well above minimum wage, let's just say that. It's weird making money on account of how that money gets taxed and then I get some of it back later in the form of a tax return. A TAX RETURN. Taxes are for old people. It feels good to be so independent and to be able to pay for everything that I need; for the most part at leaset.

I think the weirdest thing I've done since having a real job occurred tonight, not even an hour ago. I bought a plane ticket to Tennessee so I can attend the wedding of one of my best friend's, a roommate from freshman year. I did this with ALL MY OWN MONEY. We all know plane tickets are expensive so that in and of itself is impressive. But this isn't just ANY plane ticket. It's so I can celebrate a MARRIAGE that will last for TIME AND ALL ETERNITY. If that's not adult-like, I don't know what is.

The fact that Brooke is not the only friend of mine getting married this summer makes the situation even crazier. I have 3 other legit friends getting married, and I have a handful of acquaintances who are doing the same. None of them will be over the age of 22 when they finally say "I do."

I must say, I certainly have enjoyed growing up into who I am. My friends getting married only makes me more excited for what is to come. Heck, someday I might even get married. Seeing how happy they are only makes the future seem that much brighter.

Last YouTube video I watched: Kid History - Episode 2


Bex said...

aww bright futures. just what every girl dreams of.

KATIE said...

Yay for adulthood! And a cream cheese factory? That is sweet! Do you get cream cheese discounts? If so, hook me up girl!