Sunday, August 21, 2011

Back in Provo

We rolled into P-town around 5 something. Tomorrow I'll actually move into my apartment though.

Basically, I'm laying on a bed in a hotel room with some YouTube videos playing. It's a great thing. I love my YouTubes.

So I wrote those 4 sentences. And then I went to In and Out to get myself some dinner. Plain cheeseburger. Chocolate shake. French fries. Sounds delicious to me. And it was. That's my usual at In and Out, just so you all know.

I wish I had something else to write but I just kind of want to be a bum right now. A lot of my posts lately have been pretty short. I guess that's what road trips do you to. It's not even a really fun road trip. We don't really stop places and see fancy things. I guess the most exciting thing was seeing a girl who lived in my dorm freshman year at a gas station in Wyoming. She's from Colorado and was also on her way back to Provo. That was pretty cool. And very unexpected.

Last YouTube video I watched: Shayloss daily fail!

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