Monday, August 22, 2011

Hello, Provo

I am pretty much officially moved into my apartment. Condominium technically but there really isn't much difference. I got my key this morning and now here I am: laying on my recently made bed with pictures spread out everywhere since I started putting up my photo wall a few hours ago. I can hear one of my roommates in the kitchen putting away all the food she just bought. She's the only person in the apartment I don't know, and I am one of three people she doesn't know; two other girls will be moving in later this week, including my dear, sweet Lorraine.

Unpacking is always a bit of a struggle. All these boxes and things spread all around my room and I have no idea where to start. I decided to go w/ my clothes first since then I could get my suitcase out of the way. It was at that point that I realized I had not brought along enough hangars. At all. I was forced to fold so many of my shirts, shirts that are usually never folded and put in drawers. It really unnerved me. I like being able to see all of my shirts, rifle through them, and not have it be a total mess. T-shirts in drawers just does not cut it for me.

There are some things that have yet to be put away, even now hours later, namely all the DVDs I have. They are spread out on Lorraine's bed. I figure they can be moved once she gets here in the middle of the week. Maybe I'll stop being lazy by then. Maybe.

Tonight I went to dinner w/ my old roommate Mckenna and her family at this delicious pizza and pasta place. I even have leftovers of my chicken parmesan for tomorrow.

And tomorrow is when orientation starts so I can learn how to orientate others, "others" being the freshman I will be showing around for 2 days. Basically, I'm going to change lives.

Well, to top it all off, the light in my room went out this evening. The dome light on the ceiling is not very helpful when there is no working lightbulb. I'll have to get that sorted out tomorrow.

Last YouTube video I watched: Furniture Rodeo

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