Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Orientation to Orientate

The biggest event of today was going to orientation so that I will be prepared to be a new student orientation counselor. It lasted from about 8:30-12:30. It was full of some pretty fun stuff though and I got to see a bunch of people I knew. One of the guys in charge of orientation as a whole is one of my good friends from last year. It was great to catch up w/ him for a moment, and to see a huge theatre full of people to laugh at all his little quirks and jokes. My group partner is Mckenna, one of my roommates from last year. We're very excited to change lives.

After all the orientation stuff, I came back to my apartment and continued putting up my photos. I literally spent the rest of the afternoon and evening doing this. It's looking quite good and might actually be done . . . I'm so excited to show it to Lorraine when she FINALLY moves in tomorrow morning. I was even so lazy as to eat Cheerios w/ milk and a banana for dinner instead of actually making something.

On account of how the light in my room is burned out, I migrated earlier this evening to the living room, at which time I brought out my ukulele and really started practicing the parody song I've been writing for a week or so now. It's going to be a late wedding present to my old roommate, Brooke, and her husband, James. The song I'm working with is You and I by Ingrid Michaelson, a song that was very popular in our apartment freshman year. Basically, it has only become even more evident that I cannot sing. At all. Oh well, I'm sure Brooke will love it anyway.

As for tomorrow, I have the day off from orientation. Thursday morning at 8 all the counselors and peer mentors are meeting to get check in all ready for the new students. I'll be with them till pretty late at night. Luckily, we are being fed. I sure to love me some free food.

Last YouTube video I watched: Go Crazy

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