Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dare I Blog Every Day In August?

I kind of forgot that BEDA was a thing for August. And then tonight I watched 4 separate VEDA (Vlog Every Day in August)/VALA (Vlog A Lotta August) videos and read 2 separate BEDA posts. So here I am, on August 2nd, debating whether to blog for the remaining days.

And I think I will.

The summer has been splendid but blogging was, well, limited. I didn't have any epic trips, due to study abroad, YouTube, Harry Potter etc. as so many of my friends did. I did manage to blog at least once in May, June, and July. That's pretty pitiful considering I blogged for 30 days in April. Here are some things I have legitimately done this summer:

-Watched all of Parks and Recreation. My favorite thing about that show is the bacon and DJ Roomba.
-Started watching Bones from the beginning.
-Worked a lot of hours and made a lot of money. As of today, I have exactly two weeks left.
-Bought a bridesmaid dress.
-Took my kayak, Fred Weasley, out for his first voyage.
-Written a lot of letters to my best friend living in Scotland. I've gotten a lot of letters from him, too. (I'm currently in waiting mode. It should be here any day. It's killing me.)
-Made plans to attend VidCon 2012. (Basically, I've said I'm going and am currently looking for people to make sure I do, people who will most likely be Matt and Ryan.)

Becca is going to call me crazy for doing this again but it is actually quite enjoyable. It will be a good way to start off my junior year of college. I'll hopefully be able to drop some hints about the new YouTube channel I'm starting w/ my best friend from home, Kate. I'm quite excited about it. Even if she doesn't end up doing it with me, I have my schedule for video posting for junior year. Get excited.

Last YouTube video I watched: Echo Base Chaos

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