Wednesday, August 3, 2011


It's a thing I registered for today. As in, EARLY registration. I will be experiencing it before October. That thought is just incredible.

I figure an explanation of Pottermore is in order. Actually, that might take too long. Just go here. I will tell you that the MORE stands for Massive Online Reading Experience. Awesome, eh?

Once I had registered, my thoughts began to wander towards how much time I will be spending on this site. And I venture it will be more than I spend on either YouTube, Twitter, tumblr, or ESPN. It's probably YouTube that takes up most of it. Pottermore will inevitably become the thing I use for breaks. If I'm on campus writing a big paper and I get tired of it, I'll be on Pottermore. If I'm feeling sad for whatever reason, I'll be on Pottermore. If I don't want to go out on a Friday or Saturday night because I'd rather sit at home alone, I'll be on Pottermore.

I have this thing where I like to look at obnoxious websites while in the library. Well, it's not about obnoxious sites so much as it is about watching MysteryGuitarMan videos on full screen in very public areas of the library. Obviously I have my headphones in but I like to think people get just a little distracted by what I'm watching while they walk past me. My new obnoxious thing? Pottermore.

I'm strangely excited about that fact. I know so many people will be signed up for Pottermore but I have yet to hear of a non-fandom friend who has it. Strike that. I know one, a girl from my journalism class this past year got it. But she's a hardcore tumblr-er so I basically consider her to be completely fandom friendly.

I suppose now is the time that I encourage you all to go sign up for Pottermore. If you still don't get it after looking around the site, I'll explain it to you all in the best way I possibly can.

Last YouTube video I watched: I Love My Brother

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