Friday, August 19, 2011

Last Day in Wisconsin

Tomorrow I leave for Utah! You may think that means I am completely packed. My response to that: Um, sort of? All of my clothes are packed. All of my movies are picked out. Most of my books have been chosen. (Is it completely delusional to want all of my Harry Potter books? Possibly. Will that stop me? Probably not.) All of my photos for my photo wall have been chosen; I just have to pick up my new ones from Walgreens.

Here's a list of things I have yet to pack:
-My three pairs of safety glasses that will turn into racquetball goggles.
-The backpack of entertaining stuff I'll use in the car.
-Bedding, including but not limited to sheets, pillows, blankets, and the occasional stuffed animal. (I'm thinking about bringing my Spongebob and Nemo stuffed animals. Thoughts?)
-The binder protector insert dealio that holds all of my letters from missionaries.
-Various toiletries, mostly hair stuff and things for my contacts, possibly some make-up.

So as you can tell, I'm not quite prepared. I've got all day to sort everything out though. I'm not worried. But on account of this road trip, there may not be posts on Saturday and Sunday since I could possibly be in places without internets.

And I must mention this small point of anxiety before I leave you for the day: I've yet to get any letters in the last week or so. You can all guess at what that means but just so you know, it means that I will be freaking out that a letter will arrive tomorrow morning after I leave, at which point I will have to wait until probably Tuesday or Wednesday to get it forwarded to me. So we'll see how this goes.

Last YouTube video I watched: VidCon 2011 Get SORTED Part II (SORTED is a great YouTube cooking show. I highly recommend it.)

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