Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Code Name: Awesome

In an effort to not do homework/study because a) I really have nothing important due and b) I have been in the mood to blog lately, I find myself in the library before 11 AM, listening to Pixar movie soundtracks, writing this, and somewhat distractedly answering questions for my Spanish class when I feel like it.

Basically, in the last few weeks, I've been thinking a lot about code names. I think first of the names my friends and I gave people in high school, usually boys. Around junior and senior years, the boys we were acquainted with and the boys we found ourselves interested in got the names of various freshwater fish. I kid you not. I distinctly remember referring to a boy as "The Walleye" for at least a few months. For some choice ex-boyfriends we gave them names like "He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named" and "PoS", which stands for something not very nice so we (almost) always stuck with "PoS."(At least I did.)

My brother and his good friend from church used to talk about girls as if they were colors, especially when it came to church dances. I feel like I heard the names "Maroon" and "Yellow" a lot. (I still don't know for sure who these girls were but I've got a few good guesses on account of how there weren't that many girls around their age to talk about.)

As far as collegiate code names are concerned, I wish I remembered more of them, that my freshman roommates and I had written down more of the crazy things we said about boys. But if I'm not mistaken, during winter semester of freshman year we took to calling my interest at the time (one of my now best friends) "Jeremiah" due to the fact that his real name starts with the letter J. That was really the only reason we picked it. I'm pretty sure Brooke came up with it because I never wanted to talk about him out in public or even when I could be over heard by people who knew either of us.

It wasn't just boys we gave these names to, either. We gave them to ourselves. We have Soft Hands, Red Hawk, Arctic Fox, Dancing Squirrel, Screaming Eagle. Those aren't so much code names as they are fun names we actually do sometimes call each other. When I think about it more, we also christened a kid "Crutchy" since at the beginning of the year he used, you guessed it, crutches.

This year there haven't been really been any code names, at least not yet. It's somewhat disappointing to me. The only name Lorraine and I have is "Wade," because a kid in our ward looks exactly like our friend Wade Wade. (Seriously, his first and last names are both Wade.)

It's just strangely fun to give people code names, especially boys.

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KATIE said...

This sounds like exactly what we did in high school! We used names from Charlie Brown though. I like the fish idea. Also, I want to meet this Wade Wade look-alike!