Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Winter Days

As the days get colder and the sun sets earlier, I get even more excited for winter to truly begin. This past Saturday night/Sunday morning it snowed. As I walked back with a friend to my apartment, I was genuinely so happy to be walking in the snow. It makes everything so calm, so quiet, much simpler. Walking out into a brisk night does something to a person. I love that.

People dislike how it gets darker a lot earlier in winter. Around 4 o'clock the sun can be going down. That can be tough if you're still on campus and you have to walk home in the dark and the cold. But if it's the evening and snow has started to fall, if only just a little, and I'm at home just relaxing . . . That's the start to a great night. Three things go really well with nights like those: a fleece blanket, a cup of Ovaltine, and watching The Office. You know, the simple things in life. I even feel safe saying a night like that would probably be somewhat of a perfect date. (I'm fairly certain I've even used that as an answer to the question "What would be a really fun date for you?" A ridiculous answer? Possibly. But it's strangely true.) A fleece blanket, Ovaltine, and The Office aren't quite the same in the middle of summer.

There's some really good songs that go along with winter, too. I'm not talking Christmas songs either. I'm talking Ingrid Michaelson and Sara Bareilles. This song reminds me of my friends: Becca, who is in Florida all semester; and Amber, who is in France all semester. (They sing like angels.)

Winter is just a nice time in my book.

Last YouTube video I watched: Omelette in a Toaster Recipe

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