Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Yesterday was weird. This whole week has been, really. And it's all because of those blasted feelings and emotions. Why do they suck so much? (Obviously I'm kidding. Sort of.)

I usually don't have a very hard time discerning my own feelings, so when complicated situations come up and suddenly in one day everything I thought is not what it was, I get a little frustrated. (For as well as I can discern my own feelings, I do not, however, always do a very good job of sharing them.) Of course, it wouldn't be life without change, but that doesn't make it any less difficult. I consider myself a pretty positive person and I've gone through times of sadness, times which have made me all the more certain that faking being happy is a lot better than being straight up sad. Because I've done the "sad thing" before, I'm now quite reluctant to act sad about things I should be upset over. There's a lot to be said for experiencing sadness and disappointment, especially when it's warranted. So how do you balance that? How do you balance the importance that is being happy with the importance of acknowledging that it's okay to be sad?

Caring, feeling, and connecting: all of these things just get in the way of life, yet they make up so much of life at the same time. People feel this desire to connect, on any number of levels and for any number of reasons, but it is when these connections are broken that we are most unhappy.

I guess we just have to take comfort in the fact that everything passes, everything ends. Just as the good times end, so do the bad. And then we can go off once again to make some more connections, to share more of our feelings, to care even more.

Last YouTube video I watched: Put the important things first and the rest will fit

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