Sunday, December 18, 2011

I love my room: a photo tour

I got home today. It was a relatively smooth journey, not really any complaints to dish out.

One of my favorite parts of home, by far, is getting to sleep in my orange bedroom. And so here's some cool stuff I found in it that I wish I could bring to school with me but would not really serve any purpose.

Yeah, my room is pretty awesome. And did I mention my blue door? Because I have one. There's a big lamp and my framepack in the way of it or I would take a nice picture for all to see.

Basically, home is pretty nice.

And I drew that Calvin and Hobbes picture, just so you know. I love the cover of the "There's Treasure Everywhere" book. So a few years ago I drew it.

Last YouTube video I watched: Forever Yours - Alex Day cover

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