Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Words With Anna's Friends

I want to learn new words, especially the ones Lorraine and I seem to make up when playing Words With Friends, so I started this new blog. So far I've learned two new words. Fancy that.

In other news . . . Well, I actually don't have any other news. At least nothing of too great report. I guess I'm happy to inform you that I'm not feeling sad anymore. Saturday and Sunday were tough again but Sunday night I made a few calls and talked w/ some friends from back home. That made life better.

The most exciting bit of news I have to share is the restart of Thursday Night Netflix! It might turn into Wednesday Night Netflix or Tuesday Night Netflix but it's all the same. Hank and I decided last week that was a thing we needed to do so now we're doing it. And we're quite excited. Well, I am. He's probably just excited to take advantage of the fact that I have a wonderful friend who shares her Netflix with me.

I have a group meeting to go to in half an hour so I'll have to leave off here. Sorry it's not been more exciting. I do have a great video to share, though. Julia Nunes released a music video for one of the songs off her new album that's coming out in February and it's pretty neat. Julia is basically the person who made me want to play ukulele, so she's kind of a big deal to me.

Last YouTube video I watched: Stay Awake

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