Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Make-up from a nerd's perspective

It's not that nerds can't wear make-up or that they even shouldn't (I know plenty of nerdy girls who are absolutely stunning, both with and without make-up) but there's something about being a nerd that gives me an aversion to the stuff.  Well, maybe that's not my nerdy side so much as it is my athletic side. Whatever the reason, I find make-up to be, for the most part, pretty unnecessary. Unnecessary might be a harsh word but at the very least people need to lay off a little bit.

Something that astounds me time and time again is the fact that some girls will literally not leave their house/apartment without make-up on, even if they're going to work out or are camping. I understand that make-up can make you look nicer and different and accentuate various facial features but not wanting to even walk outside your door without make-up is a little much. I can hardly comprehend it.

The reason I so greatly dislike that whole notion is because some day those girls will be dating someone, or engaged to someone, or married to someone. And that person will probably see them without make-up. Girls do not like boys to see them without make-up, though. Here's my thing though: If a boy sees you without make-up and is no longer interested in you or does not want to date you or anything like that, do you really want to be dating him in the first place? This is not to say you shouldn't look nice or you shouldn't "try," but I think more girls need to realize that you can look nice not wearing make-up.

People get so used to just wearing make-up that it's unthinkable for them to not wear it. It's kind of the opposite for me. In high school I would wear make-up to school once or twice a week. In college about the same. This year I started wearing it a little more often but even then never every single school day. Last semester I genuinely tried to get interested in make-up too. It didn't work too well. Add the fact that I've never been really interested in it with the fact that a lot of make-up has been bothering my eyes lately . . .  The last time I wore any make-up was quite some time ago. I'm sure there are mascaras and such for sensitive eyes but I'm guessing they're also more expensive than normal make-up already is. I've kind of gotten to the point where I'm just not even bothering.

Maybe I'm missing out on some fundamental girl activity by not putting on make-up every morning but I kind of wish more girls would miss out on it. I wish my friends could be as confident as I am without make-up, and I don't know why they aren't, or even why I am so confident that it doesn't matter. It's not like I have striking features or am this natural beauty that everyone is so impressed with all the time, no matter what I'm wearing. I'm just me. I don't get noticed by boys, except for my baseball hats and black, nerdy glasses. I wear jeans and sneakers nearly every day and my usual tops are t-shirts layered with cardigans and plaid button-ups. Most people would probably see me and wonder why I don't dress nicer. But there's something about the way I dress that reflects exactly how I feel about life.

I suppose when girls wear make-up, that reflects how they feel about life, except the sad thing is the way they feel about life often seems to mean wearing make-up or not feeling beautiful; and to me, those two things are not mutually exclusive. I get that some girls legitimately like make-up and think it's fun to put on and experiment with or whatever, but somewhere along the way the lines got blurred between having fun w/ it and becoming so reliant on it that you can't go outside without any on.

This subject has been on my mind lately, mostly because I haven't been wearing make-up because of my eyes. I've always wondered how boys consider this side of me, the side that doesn't care about make-up, or if they even notice when I wear it. Some of me doubts if they do. But whether they do or not doesn't seem to matter because I've had some pretty cute boyfriends dressing and looking exactly like I always have. Just sayin' . . .

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Oh, and as a little update on my four-fold mission: I really like how things are working out sometime. I have already had moments where I think "Life is less than ideal right now" and I immediately think instead "Nope, happiness is a choice. Don't forget to be awesome." Little by little the changes will come, I'm sure of it.


Becca said...

i have an excuse! i was scarred in my childhood. i even wrote an entire paper about it. i honestly wish i was more like you--but i probably never will. perhaps after i'm married ?

hannahhosking said...

i wish i had more confidence without make up on, like you do! my fiance is always telling me ~i don't need it~ but i still struggle to walk around without any on. maybe i should take some of your advice :)