Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Another month of madness done

As yesterday was the NCCA men's basketball championships game, March Madness is officially over. This year was really fun. At first I thought my brackets were going to be terrible but I ended up doing quite well in all of my groups.

For my history class, I ended in 8th place. For the competition done by a local restaurant, I won! This Italian place did a group and I was the winner so I get a free pizza party for me and, like, 10 people. How awesome is that?! And then for the sports desk, I also won. Not a bad year by any means.

Whenever I think of March Madness, I think of my freshman year of college when I completely dominated all the boys I was in a group with. Out of the whole first round, I think I got maybe two games wrong. It was spectacular. They all kind of hated me, or so I was told by a few of them. They literally did not want to see my face in their dorm.

I also think of the last two years and how thanks to my lovely friend Jeff, I've had a place to watch games at all. On any given day of March Madness, I spent around four to six hours in his basement apartment. Sometimes it would be just the two of us; other times his roommates and other friends would be around.

I called my dad right after the tournament started and kind of yelled at him for giving me bad advice on teams, but it turned out in the end. I'll call him tonight to let him know he's taught me well.

Tis kind of a short post today, though I doubt my few readers care much about that. I'm hoping to get a lot of work done tonight on final projects and things of that sort so my last week of classes goes smoothly. I only have two actual exams, and they're on Monday and Tuesday respectively. It should be a lovely exam week.

Last YouTube video I watched: Malachi Our Friend

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