Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday

I've read some incredible and powerful blog posts, and even some tweets, today about Easter. I don't think I could add much else so I'd like to link you guys to my friend Mckenna's blog. She wrote a very nice post on Easter and included some good links to other things.

As far as Sundays are concerned, it's been a nice one. Lately, most Sundays have been rainy and/or snowy, but not today! It's beautiful today, quite perfect for Easter Sunday really. As much as I love winter, and I do love winter, I'm happy with how warm it's been. I figure if it's not going to snow then the weather might as well stay warm.

Well, I have little to say today. But at least I still blogged! That's all that matters.

Last YouTube video I watched: Chicago vs. Chicago: Round 1

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