Monday, April 9, 2012

Can I have my best friend back now?

I technically started this post before the 9th but whatever. I've spent a lot of time thinking today about how what I need in my life right now is my friend Matthew.

For the most part things have been great, but that just makes me want to share all the good things with him. And when things have been not so great, I want him around to help fix it all. He doesn't exactly fix my problems but he makes me feel like anything is possible and somehow says the most brilliant things. He is also an amazing hugger.

Yesterday was both wonderful and difficult. I thought more about him yesterday than I have in a long time. All of my thoughts were concentrated, I suppose. That would seem the best way to describe it. I think about Matthew every day but this past Sunday my mind was especially filled with thoughts of him. He's coming home in June and that's basically two months away now, which is such craziness. His letters have brought some of the greatest comfort and happiness over the past two years. So much has happened these last two years and I think some stuff would have been a lot easier if Matt had been around, but that's not how things work. I'm grateful he's been around at all, even if it has just been in small, handwritten notes.

Besides Matthew, I also thought a lot about my best friend from home on Sunday, though that was because we talked on the phone for almost an hour. We rehashed a lot of life and summer plans. Talking with her is always wonderful and I never want our conversations to end. She's been incredibly supportive through these last two years as my friends were gone on their missions. Now they're coming home she's almost as excited as I am, or so it seems at times. It's amazing. She's seen how important they are to me and to my life so they've become important to her as well. It's one of her greatest talents.

Aren't best friends fabulous people?

The last thing I have to say has to do with new music. I need some. Well, maybe I don't need new music but I need to be reminded of some good music. Lately I've felt like I'm stuck in a musical rut. For the last few months, basically all I've listened to is Imagine Dragons and Julia Nunes. Don't get me wrong, I'm still going to listen to them incessantly but I'm looking for more happy music. You'll remember in my happiness is a choice post that listening to happy music makes a wonderful difference. So give me all you've got as far as happy music is concerned. You guys know the kind of stuff I like, so I trust you.

Last YouTube video I watched: Charles Barkley & Shay Carl get HEATED!!!

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