Saturday, April 7, 2012

Ten things I'm excited about for spring semester

1) Zumba class with Becca. We both signed up for this 0.5 credit aerobics class that's twice a week from 9-10:15. I'm stoked. I've always wanted to try zumba and now I get to. For class credit too!

2) Gettin' biceps & abs with Lorraine. This morning as I ate my breakfast/lunch, Lorraine and I were talking. And she said she wants to start lifting weights in spring. Every since ShayCarl lost his 100 lbs. and Colette started working out with him, I have been inspired by her biceps. Seriously. She's way fit. My goal is to have legit biceps and arm muscle. Lorraine also wants some nice abs so I figure I might as well join her on that. I'm fairly certain I'll somehow end up running a 5K too.

3) Jordan & Matt coming home. I don't know the exact date but Jordan will be home in May. I haven't seen him since April of 2010. Well, except in a few pictures. He's my musical soulmate, basically. And we most definitely have lots of music and stories to share. Matthew gets back in June some time, right before I fly home.

4) Camping trips. My neighbor/friend Bethany is from pretty nearby and has lots of camping stuff and we are most definitely in need of some spring adventures down to southern Utah. I haven't been hiking or camping in forever. It will also give me a chance to use my headlamp. I'm pretty darn excited about that, which is probably kind of sad.

5) Imagine Dragons. May 1st in Salt Lake City. 'Nough said.

6) Legitimately learning to play a Julia Nunes song on ukulele and then recording a cover with Becca singing. We've been talking about this for a while and I'm sure in spring we'll actually have the time to. Becca's voice is perfect for Julia songs.

7) More tennis and racquetball. Becca and I began playing racquetball pretty regularly a few weeks ago and that'll continue in spring. And now that it's warm again, outside tennis is a possibility more often.

8) Time to read the next Game of Thrones book. I've been far too busy to read this semester and this series is ridiculously good. I'm so happy to be able to read again.

9) Frisbee. I love ultimate and I'm sure plenty of people will be up for playing. Barefoot frisbee will be especially lovely. Basically, anything barefoot.

10) Starting my Chacos tanlines. Yep, I'm going to be one of those people who gets awesome tanlines on their feet.

Last YouTube video I watched: Can I Be Space President?

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Becca said...

i'm mentioned in three of these and i'm mentally mentioning myself in three more of them. i think you're great. :)