Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Final day of classes

It's been a very chill day as far as classes are concerned. I only have two on Wednesdays but they're spread apart. I have a history class at 12 and then my next class isn't until 4. All in all I've mostly been watching videos on YouTube and getting things ready for reading days.

I only have two actual exams and then one paper due after. The exams are both scheduled, one on Monday and one on Tuesday, which makes things pretty easy. I'll technically get to start my break days before winter semester is actually over. I don't know what I'm going to do w/ the days before spring semester. I need to buy a helmet for longboarding, so that'll probably take up a lot of my time. Lorraine and I also have a little shopping trip planned. I'm in need of new shorts; basically all but one pair of mine are now too big. It's both inconvenient and kind of awesome.

I'm about to take my third final actually, but it's in class which makes things quite nice. I'm hoping to get done before five and hopefully before it rains, because it sure is cloudy outside, so I can go for a run this evening before it gets legitimately dark. My legs are pretty sore today, but I mostly feel it when walking down stairs. I thought yesterday was a perfect temperature for running. Today seems even better. I figure I need to get in all the running I can while the weather isn't terribly hot and exhausting, especially because I like running in the afternoons when it is definitely hotter than in the morning. I could solve these problems by exercising inside, like in a gym or whatnot, but that's not a thing I enjoy doing. I love being outside and enjoying nature. It sounds funny but being outside is just so much better. Hopefully in spring I get to play soccer again because I have not done so all semester. Then I won't have to run as much either. While I do run for the sake of running, it's still not even close to my favorite thing. My friend Trent goes rock climbing a lot and hopefully I'll get to do that with him during spring semester.

There's not much else to report at this point. Exam time never really gives many exciting stories because I really do just spend my time studying and reading and in the library. This semester will prove no different. And just like every other semester, I will study with The Office playing in the background. Well, now that I think about it I realize freshman year gave some fun times during exam week, but those were special circumstances. 

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