Thursday, April 5, 2012

Summerfest and (more) Imagine Dragons

I found out today that Imagine Dragons will be playing at Summerfest and I am so excited! Seeing them outside is going to be AWESOME. Granted, if I can go. It's on a Thursday night or something like that. Hopefully I won't be working. Knowing how great Imagine Dragons is live, I can't imagine missing it. I seriously still feel like I'm on that concert high sometimes. I love listening to them as I walk to school. Dan Reynolds just puts a spring in my step, especially when On Top of the World plays. That song gets to me in the best way.

Summerfest is a fantastic little time of the year in which hundreds of bands play on something like 15 stages over an 11 day period. It's magical, really. The first non classical or jazz concert I ever went to was there. I saw Barenaked Ladies and it was phenomenal. I wasn't able to go to Summerfest last year because of work and the same with the year before. BUT I WILL PREVAIL. FOR IMAGINE DRAGONS.

Other than that fun stuff, which I am so very excited about, today was a pretty uneventful day apart from the fact that I got a whole ton of stuff done. I finished an essay, a research article and the binder full of research and interviews I did, and I planned what I have to study and do in the next couple of days.  I also completed my online journalism portfolio for my newswriting class. I'm really proud of it. I never used Wordpress before this semester but I quite like it.

Oh, and you may have noticed that my URL for this blog has changed. That is in an effort to seem somewhat more professional if someone legitimate comes around these parts for whatever reason. It will be pretty apparent this is not a professional blog by any means but at least they'll see its mine. That might seem like a bad thing to some people but I'm proud of my writing on here and the fact that it is so relaxed and what not. As someone who wants to probably write online for a career, I figure I might as well show all the different kinds of writing I can do.

As the semester winds down I feel like I'm thinking more about my future. I'll really be a senior once this semester is over, even though I already am one credits-wise. My time at BYU is running short. I've loved every moment of it but it's crazy to think about where I'll be even a year and a half from now. I'll basically be done with school at that point. Well, undergraduate school. I've no idea whether I want to even try grad school. Much awaits me, that's all I know.

And speaking of waiting, my best friends come home from their missions in the next two months! Jordan will be back in May and Matthew in June. I'm completely ecstatic and worried and excited and nervous all at the same time. It will just feel great knowing we're all in the same country; Matthew is just in DC but Jordan has been all the way in Scotland. DC might as well be another country while I'm here in Utah.

Last YouTube video I watched: Hot Wheels, Charmander and the Male Barbie

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