Thursday, June 28, 2012

By the numbers: my first week back home

I flew home last Tuesday, the 19th of June. Here's some stuff I've done in the last week.
  • Number of things I've eaten from Kopp's: 3. (Cheeseburger, caramel cashew in a waffle cone & onion rings)
  • Number of episodes of Grey's Anatomy I've watched: 47. (And counting)
  • Number of episodes of Doctor Who I've watched: 0. (I miss DW nights at the Lava Lounge)
  • Number of text messages Jordan and I have sent/received: Something exorbitant. (Let's just say I've sent and received more text messages in the last week than in any other week since I've had a phone. Easily)
  • Number of times I mowed the lawn: 1.
  • Number of new pairs of shoes I've acquired: 1. (Wonderful Birkenstocks)
  • Number of times I've run two miles: 3.
  • Number of times I've seen my best friend Kate: 1. (It included paninis and raspberry frozen lemonade)
  • Number of times I've listened to Brandon Flowers' solo album Flamingo in its entirety: 2. (But this number will be rising quickly)
  • Number of fireflies I've seen: 3 (I saw them all last night when I went to close the windows on each of the cars)
  • Number of new bands/albums I've listened to: 8.
  • Number of days I've written in my journal: Every single one of them.
  • Number of slices of delicious thin crust pizza I've eaten: I can't quite remember but it was a lot.
And today was my first day of work. Have no fear, people. Your cream cheese is in safe hands once again. It's interesting to work a full 8 hours again but soon enough it will become all I know.

Last YouTube video I watched: At Or With Me

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Jamie Mo said...

I totally remember when you introduced yourself in Driessen's class and you told everyone that you worked in a cream cheese factory for your summer job. Every time after that I always thought about cream cheese when I saw you (but that's good because I like cream cheese). Let's just say it was a very memorable introduction.