Saturday, August 4, 2012

A summer in review & a countdown to Utah

Days till I am in Utah: 5.

Concerts I hope to attend before school even starts: 1. Since Passion Pit cancelled their show on the 9th I'll suppose I'll have to settle for Iron & Wine instead.

Days left of work: 4. Including today. Sadly I have work this afternoon/evening so my last Saturday at home is way less fun that it should be.

Times I'll have seen Megan before going back: 2. Hopefully. Tomorrow we're supposed to rendezvous for a little nature walk down by the lake.

Days till I see Jordan: no less than 5 but probably/hopefully/maybe no more than 8. We'll see.

Times I've eaten at Out & Out: 2.

Seasons of Grey's Anatomy I've watched: 4 1/2.

Pairs of obnoxious colored pants I now own: 2. Neon yellow and royal blue.

Letters I've sent and received: 3.

Wedding related mail, including announcements and thank you notes, I've received: 4.

Wedding receptions I'll attend in the weeks before school starts: no less than 2 but no more than 4.

Friday Fish Fry dinners I've eaten: 3.

New shoes I've gotten: 2. A beautiful pair of Birkenstocks and also navy blue Rocket Dog flats.

Taco Bell runs I've made by myself: 3.

Text messages Jordan and I have sent and received: I don't think I'm underestimating when I say thousands. (I shouldn't be quite so proud of this as I am.) My life pretty much only consists of going to work and talking to him.

Hours of YouTube I've watched: I dare not even try to estimate. I feel like every summer it increases greatly, though.

Baseball games I attended: 0. This number makes me real sad.

And I suppose that's all for now. I'm going back to my YouTube and my texting and my snacking now. I hope you're all enjoying my blogging every in August. I always do, even if some days it's hard to come up w/ something to write. Basically, the summer has been pretty quality though a little more strange than summers of years gone by. See you soon, Utah kids.

Last YouTube video I watched: The Debt - Julia Nunes

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