Sunday, August 5, 2012

My name is Anna and I love "Say Yes To The Dress"

It's true. You can even ask Lorraine and Becca, though I guarantee they're lying if they say my name isn't Anna.

As I write this I'm taking a break from checking BYU football headlines & watching another episode of this crazy show. What an odd combination: college football and wedding dresses.

Way back when in the fall of 2010, Lorraine and I were beginning our sophomore year of college. Somewhere along the way that year she pulled me into Say Yes To The Dress. I don't know how it happened or why it happened but it did. I don't particularly like dress shopping in general and I've never been the kind of girl to plan her dream wedding or even to admire dresses. (Here's a list of things I currently know about my future wedding dress: 1) it will have pockets. That's all. I need pockets. The rest I can figure out later.) There is something strangely intriguing about that show, though. Lorraine and I will lounge on the couch for hours at night watching episode after episode when we can.

When people hear how much I like that show, especially when they already know how much I love sports and generally less-girly things, it confuses them, and rightfully so. I remember in a religion class this past junior year the professor always had us talk amongst ourselves for a few minutes at the beginning of class and then share what we've learned about each other. One morning it was my turn to share w/ the kid I was talking to. The topic that day had been guilty/dark secrets. I chose mine to be that I love Say Yes To The Dress. My classmates thought it was quite a funny mix of interests. It was the second class I'd had w/ this particular professor and he knew my personality fairly well and that I wanted to be a sports journalist. So when he learned that I love a show all about choosing wedding dresses of course he laughed but he was also understanding; his oldest daughter, who is a young teenager, feels the same way I do about sports and Say Yes To The Dress.

That show just doesn't fit w/ my fashion personality, or so you would think. (I still don't get how it does, honestly.) I dress comfortably in jeans and t-shirts about 98% of the time. My preferred footwear includes Birkenstocks, Chacos, Sanuks, and obnoxiously bright sneakers. I have no problems matching my Birks w/ wool socks, especially in the dead of winter, a style a lot of people find to be a little, well, ridiculous. Even when I do dress up nice or fancier I still dress as relaxed as I possibly can. Most of my dresses are made of cotton and very summery, and almost all of them, if not all of them, can be matched w/ bright colored shirts, tights, and cardigans. I love stripes and especially plaid. Either a baseball cap or a beanie is a must on a day-to-day basis; and if I don't have a hat, it's all about my black and neon yellow sunglasses. If I had the money, I'd shop at REI a lot more often. Okay, and I'll be totally honest, if I could, I'd probably stay in soccer shorts and stuff like Brewers t-shirts all the time.

Basically, my fashion sense is all over the place. And I'm pretty sure everything I described above adds up to someone who should not like a show about purchasing ridiculously expensive wedding dresses. But people really are greater than the sum of their parts so it works.

I mean, given the choice between watching basically any sporting event or Say Yes To The Dress I'd most definitely still choose sports. I'm not that crazy.

Last YouTube video I watched: The Middle East, Blood (Live)

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Becca said...

HAHA we are going to watch that all the time. Have you seen Randy to the Rescue yet? hahaha