Thursday, August 30, 2012

Football is back!

Tonight is BYU's first game of the season! I'm quite ecstatic. It's not even September and I'm already being immersed in glorious football goodness. The sad part about tonight is that I'll miss kickoff. I work until 9 and the game starts at 8:15. I'm just glad I'll get to see any of it at all.

Today was also exciting because I got lunch with my beloved Brooke. It was the first time seeing her since April. We got to hang out for well over an hour. I cherish the wisdom she brings to the table, what with her having been married over a year now.

Oh, and my history class is amazing. The TA sat next to me which one might think as negative. But on the contrary, it's the best thing ever, especially when he's already a friend. He even shared some Mentos  candy with me. We also kind of matched. Both of us were wearing blue button down shirts and dark pants. Our shoes, though mine Birkenstocks and his sneakers, were also both brown. I don't know if he noticed our matching but I loved it.

And that is my Thursday thus far. I doubt I'll be back in time to write a post after the game so I'm ending it here. Have a lovely night.

Last YouTube video I watched: I Am The Doctor Remix

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