Friday, August 31, 2012

BEDA ends & a poem in Spanish

I've been sitting in the library reading a bunch of Spanish poems when I realized today is the final day of Blogging Every Day in April. The month has both gone incredibly fast and crawled by as slow as ever.

I want to start out this post by sharing part of a poem I was just reading. It's by Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz and is part of some Redondillas, which are stanzas of four lines each with eight syllables. This specific poem doesn't really have a title but in brackets before the first line it says [En que describe racionalmente los efectos irracionales del amor] which pretty much translates to "In which I rationally describe the irrational effects of love."

Este amoroso tormento 
que en mi corazón se ve, 
sé que lo siento, y no sé 
la causa por que lo siento.

And that basically translates to "This lovely/beautiful torment that you see in my heart, I know I feel it and I don't know why I feel it/what causes me to feel it." It sounds a lot better in Spanish but the sentiment is just pretty cool. It really is a rational explanation of the irrational nature of love. I'm pretty sure that's how so many of us feel about love and just emotions in general. They're both great and terrible things, those emotions. 

Anyway, a whole week of school has gone by now, as well as a whole week of work. Senior year hasn't been particularly thrilling or disappointing. It is quite incredible to think I've done this three whole times before and that this might be my last first week ever; I say might because I don't quite know when I'm graduating. It'll probably be August or December, though definitely not April. One thing I don't like about the first week of school is all the people taking up space in the library and on the sidewalks. After this first week people will be skipping class again and all around not caring as much, which means campus will clear out a little bit. I was definitely spoiled a bit by staying this past spring.

What a month it has been though. It's great to be back in Utah but also not, which is pretty much how it always goes. I'm definitely putting forth a greater effort to love this place, both for fear of being chastised by Jordan and because I won't be in this state much longer. Once fall starts I'll be in an even better mood because that means a) sweater weather and b) leaves on trees will start changing. Football season when it's legitimately fall weather is also fantastic.

I'll be taking a break from blogging now, though not too long of one since I usually can't stay away too long no matter how many times I blogged in the previous month.

Last YouTube video I watched: How to do England

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