Wednesday, August 29, 2012

In the right place

So for my feature writing class we had to write our own obituaries. Talk about morbid and weird. We all got to read/hear about each other's since there's only 7 of us in the class too. We spent the whole hour and 15 minutes talking about why we made the choices we did in including certain things. I know most of the people in that class at least semi-well so hearing what they included made a lot of sense. We all have very distinctive writing styles but actually made a lot of similar decisions. A class like today's makes me feel fantastic about the major I chose.

I wish I could write more but it's technically already past 12, aka it's already Thursday. I started this post early in the evening but left to play Rock Band w/ a bunch of boys I know. It was a quality decision. It's nights like tonight, at the very beginning of the semester, that make me so happy to be where I am. I'm surprisingly good at playing bass in Rock Band. On the medium skill level too! Not long ago I could barely play that game on easy.

Last YouTube video I watched: A Far Shore

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