Monday, August 27, 2012

Last weekend before SENIOR YEAR

Saturday morning I went running, which brought me down to 146 miles to go. The rest of the day was spent bumming around. I felt it important to enjoy my last totally free Saturday by being totally free of commitments. Becca arrived Saturday evening which made the whole apartment just so fantastic. Finally the four of us were in the same place!

The night was spent at a dance party full of hipsters. I loved it. The music was quite good and definitely appealed to my hipster side. I literally knew one song they played the entire time I was there, which was almost 2 hours. (The song was Midnight City by M83, a song I only know because of Grant and Trent.) It was a weekend full of freshman ward reunions as Lorraine and I attended this dance party with Will, Braden, Erick, and Wade. It was so quality.

Sunday was even more wonderful. We went to church but Lorraine and I cut out a little early so we could go to my freshman roommate Sara's mission farewell. Riding along w/ us was Wade and Erick., so I saw those crazy kids two days in a row. She did a wonderful job, speaking along w/ her younger brother who will be on his mission at the same time. I was lucky enough to get a bunch of Sara's glances and smiles as she spoke in church. I was one of very few people she directly made eye contact with while speaking. My relationship w/ SJ really is something special.

After church, we went to Sara's house for some early dinner. It was essentially Cafe Rio. Sara's dad is an incredible cook and did not disappoint. So the five of us (Lorraine, me, Wade, Erick and Sara) spent the rest of the afternoon sitting around her front yard, reminiscing, joking, making plans, discussing our futures and just being all-around great friends. It was as if you had transplanted us back to freshman year, except now we're all two years wiser. Sort of.

We finally tore ourselves away from SJ's presence to return to Provo. Lorraine and I met up w/ our other roommates and went to a barbecue some of the guys in our ward organized. We met a bunch of new people who moved in on the block and just played some games. We stayed at their house for well over 2 hours, at which point we met up w/ a bunch of other people for a little bonfire.

I cut out of that early and visited my friend Emily instead. Emily used to live across the hall but moved to the apartment complex right next door to mine, so we're still kind of neighbors. I helped her make cookies, along w/ her boyfriend and a group of their friends. It was great to catch up with her and, as always, swap stories of the past few weeks. Eventually Jordan called so we could hang out one last time before school took over our lives. (This is only partially true. We'll be seeing each other all the dang time.) He and I enjoyed each other's company for 2 or so hours until I essentially kicked him out so I could go to bed at a relatively decent hour; I worked this morning at 8.

Basically, a totally quality weekend, easily the best weekend I've had in a long, long time. As far as school is concerned, it was a great first day. I got into the history class I really wanted, I only had 2 classes, and my feature writing class is full of all my favorite journalism people. It's going to be a wonderful semester.

Last YouTube video I watched: Is College Worth It?

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