Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ben's cabin party

I've been seriously slacking on the blog post writing. This one was started 2 weeks ago after we adventured to Ben's cabin. So here you go.

Friday night (March 8) all of my lovely friends met up for a night away. Ben, of Lava Lounge fame, had invited all of us to his family's cabin about an hour away. We gathered at the Lava Lounge to figure out the car situation, which always takes way longer than it should with us, and off we went.

As we drove farther up the canyon and higher into the mountains it started snowing. Dark country roads going up mountains plus snow can sometimes equal bad news but Ben is a superb driver so there weren't any issues. We knew there might be snow on the road leading to the cabin but we didn't think it'd be too bad. At first things were great, and then Trent's car got stuck. Since Badger had chains for his car he went first then and got a bit farther before also getting stuck. By that point all the cars got parked in the random driveway of a really nice but unoccupied cabin down the road. Becca, Bronwyn and I waited in Ben's car until everyone else got all the food and gear to the cabin before we got there; this was all on account of Becca's booted foot. The boys and the other girls got the fireplace going and started getting dinner ready (by this time it was past 8) so by the time we got there things were pretty well situated.

It was hilarious waiting in the car for some of the others to walk us back to the cabin and then it was hilarious walking to the cabin itself. Nathan tried to push/pull Becca on a sled for a while but that just got snow up her jacket and pants so we gave up and Badger's little sister just helped her walk so her boot didn't get full of snow. The best part, however, was seeing Ben's cabin for the first time. It's about as cabin-like as you can get. But it's surrounded by a fairly steep incline on two sides, the sides where the road goes. It might not actually have been that steep but there was a good three or so feet of snow. Trent had blazed a trail down the steepest, and quickest, way to the cabin. Bronwyn and I took that path while the others went to where the driveway was, though we couldn't really tell, since the snow was less deep there.

For dinner we roasted hot dogs in the fireplace and also made delicious s'mores. We sat around talking for the rest of the night before the people who couldn't sleep over had to leave. That was still pretty late, though. The group that stayed decided it was time to change into our pajamas and lounge around in the upstairs of the cabin. The "loft" upstairs had five beds so we were all sharing but that wasn't a big deal because if there's anything my friends and I love it's creating giant cuddle puddles. (They weren't exactly giant, though. Only two people were sharing each bed.) We talked for a little while longer and slowly but surely we all fell into a deep sleep. Well, it was really only Becca and I who slept great. Trent's snoring bothered, I'm pretty sure, everyone else. So out of nine people, only two of us completely enjoyed our sleep. (I'm such a pro at sleeping. I sleep through basically anything. Just ask Becca; I sleep through her alarms all the time.)

We literally woke up to the smell of crackling bacon thanks to our dear Badger. We all woke up slowly but surely and made our way downstairs. Besides bacon, we had scrambled eggs with cheese and orange juice for breakfast. Oh, and graham crackers and milk. And Ben and I definitely ate the rest of the Hershey bars left over from the s'mores the night before. It was a delicious breakfast, that's for sure. After eating a group of people went out snowshoeing and the rest of us played Bananagrams, a game I absolutely love and absolutely dominate.

Soon enough it was time to pack up and go home. I was sad to leave, as I know everyone else was as well. It was incredibly nice to get away for part of the weekend, though. Just being away for that one night made a huge difference.

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