Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Zelda & slacklining

My last few weekends have been super quality, all worth blogging about. (At least to me they're worth blogging about.) Let it be known that this post was started around the first week of March, meaning all of this information is now WAY OLD. I'm finally posting a lot of things that I started writing but never finished.

All my Friday classes were cancelled and the only thing I had to do was stop by the newsroom at 10 to lay out some pages for the paper. It took me all of 30 minutes and I enjoyed doing it as well. Then I worked on my publication graphics feature page project. I'm really proud of it so far. I've come to really enjoy working with InDesign and apparently I'm not as terrible at designing things as I once thought. (This is what my feature page ended up looking like though at the time of this writing it looked NOTHING like this.)

Since it was fairly warm out, especially for February, I decided to go for a run that afternoon. I got only a few blocks before my contact lens in my right eye got all fuzzy so I took it out and walked home. Luckily, I have this awesome app on my phone called the Nike Training Club. They have 30 and 45 minute workouts based on all different things, whether that be strength training, cardio or anything else you might want to do. The majority of them don't require equipment either. I did a 30 minute cardio workout in the comfort of my own home.

After showering and eating a quick, though late, lunch, it was time to watch Community with Peter. After that was over, he and I ended up, as usual, spending the whole night together. Any time we spend together is usually punctuated by the arrivals and departures of his roommates Kirk and Kyle. I've hardly seen the two of them this semester so it was really nice to hang out with the three of them. Kirk even decided to be domestic that night and made this apple pie type dessert, except for the crust he used dough for dinner rolls. It turned out spectacular.

What really took up most of our time was playing the N64 version of Zelda on Peter's computer. I'm not sure what it is about me but I have no problem watching other people play video games. It was most interesting because Kyle basically has the game memorized and would occasionally drop hints to Peter about what to do but he would never give him the entire answer of where to go/what to do; it's frustrating for Peter but great entertainment for the rest of us. By the end of the night, Kyle and Peter insisted I learn to play the game on account of how I never played it as a child. And so Peter started my own quest. I'm not terrible at video games but I'm pretty close. As entertaining as it was for Peter to play the game himself, I definitely think he had a lot more fun watching me struggle through the first two levels. Around 1 o'clock I finally called it quits.

In the morning I did Peter a favor and kept score at his intramural basketball game. I'd never seen him play before so I enjoyed myself a lot. Peter loves basketball more than anything else in life so to see him actually doing what he constantly talks about was awesome. He's kind of really legitimately good at basketball as well.

I worked out again on Saturday and spent the rest of the day studying.

That evening a bunch of people went to this ice skating show that Lorraine was in. Mostly we went because there was free skating after it was over! Only Ben and I ended up skating but it was still quite fun. Since we were skating on the non-public rink, there was hardly anyone there and we could goof off a little more without worrying about bumping into people.

After skating Ben and I met up with our friends again and decided to go slacklining on campus. That was perhaps one of the best Saturday night activities I've ever been a part of. I've always been pretty terrible at slacklining but I actually made it all the way across that night.

After an hour of that we watched "Skyfall" at the Lava Lounge. I'd seen it before, back when it first came out in November, but was still hoping to enjoy it a second time; but alas, I fell asleep, something that hardly ever happens to me during movies. Luckily Ben was there to let me borrow his shoulder. You know you've got a good life when your friends let you fall asleep on them like that.

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