Sunday, March 31, 2013

It's not good-bye. It's see you later.

On Wednesday, you, Lorraine Nicole Hilton, my sweet roommate of nearly 4 years, enter the Missionary Training Center to truly begin your training before heading off to Paris for 18 months. 

Lorraine, you and I have lived together since the fall of 2009 and have stuck together up to this point. You moved out of our lovely apartment on Saturday. If I had to name one constant from my last 4 years at BYU, it's you. You're it. You're basically my everything. I have been with you every fall and winter semester since 2009. I'm fairly certain I have not spent more time with anyone else since coming to BYU.

I will miss you. Miss you more than anyone else I've come to know and love at BYU. It was terrible to lose the boys from my freshman ward, and I'm sorry boys, but you've got nothing on Lorraine.

I wanted to write a whole list of all our greatest moments but I have no idea where to start. You and I have been together through the most incredible times, both good and bad.

We've laughed together,
Shopped together,
Sang together,
Cried together,
Run together,
Dreamed together,
Cooked and baked together,
Said good-bye to people together,
Traveled together,
Played frisbee together,
Studied together,
Felt lost together,
Mailed letters together,
Planned together, and
watched those plans fall apart together,
Stayed up late together,
Eaten together,
Loved together,
Celebrated together,
Sat in silence together,
Worked through basically everything together.

Lorraine, you are by far one of the most wonderful people I have ever had the pleasure of associating with, and not just associating with but loving.

And now we will no longer be together, at least not physically in the same place. But you will be a part of my life literally forever because of how you have changed and influenced me. I owe you so much and I know I'll never be able to fully explain how much you mean to me. And we know when I don't have the words for something it must be pretty incomprehensible because usually I have words for everything. Though all I really need are these five: I love you, Red Hawk.

So as you're reading this Lorraine, know how much I love you. Know how thankful I am that we ended up in the same building and apartment in Heritage Halls. I believe with all my heart that we were meant to end there. Together. That we were meant to keep living in the same place. Together. That we were meant to go through everything we have. Together.

Lorraine, you have changed my life and I know I've changed yours. I also know we'll keep changing each other's lives for years to come. These next 18 months are going to be absolutely wonderful for you and for me. That doesn't mean they'll be easy, I expect they'll be particularly difficult for each of us for a number of reasons, but they will be wonderful.

Girls as fascinating as ourselves could hardly expect anything less than an awesome time. In fact, I'm fairly certain everything will be dream.

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