Monday, April 1, 2013

Blog Every Day In April: SENIOR YEAR EDITION

April is here and that means it's time to record my thoughts every day for a month! BEDA has been a spectacular way to document the end of winter semesters. I've been doing it since freshman year and have never regretted it once.

Some things to look forward to in my April posts:

  • More thoughts on Lorraine leaving
  • The very beginnings of my New York stay
  • Mentions of saying good-bye to various friends who graduate this month
  • Hopefully the story of one last road trip before leaving all spring
  • Pictures and words about longboarding
  • Sharing of things I've cooked lately
  • Complaints about finals week
  • Name dropping of all my favorite Provo friends. I'll even start now. Here are names of some people in Provo who are near and dear to me: Ben, Peter, Jeffrey, Lorraine (always here in spirit), Becca, Stacy, Cameron, Margo, Ryan, Bethany, Bronwyn and Angela.
So there you have it. BEDA has begun. I do hope you enjoy the random plethora of posts to come for the next 29 days. I know I'll enjoy writing them; at least, I'll enjoy writing most of them.


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Bronwyn Elise said...

Also I love you a lot.