Sunday, July 21, 2013

Anna Does Sorted: Pepperoni pizza swirl

I swear, every recipe gets better and better.

For the pepperoni pizza swirls, I enlisted the help of Becca. (She became a master dough roller.) Friday night is often considered the perfect night for pizza and in our apartment that's no exception. All the boys were at Cameron's bachelor party so we really were left to our own devices. (After dinner we did get shakes at In and Out w/ Angela on account of how her fiance and all the other boys were together being the manliest of men.)

Everything about this recipe was easy as pie. I think my favorite part was the sauce, to which I added some other things as well. Beyond the garlic, basil, salt and pepper, I threw in some parsley and crushed red pepper flakes. I might even add in cheese next time; for a manicotti recipe I have that's what you do for the sauce and can you ever really get enough cheese?

I seem to have a trend going in my posts about what the most difficult part of the recipe was . . . With the pizza swirls, it was probably rolling out the dough. It's hard to roll out dough in a rectangular shape. But Becca did a magnificent job.

Next time, for a little more variety, I'm definitely going to have a bunch of different toppings to put inside. We only used cheese and pepperoni this first time but I think it'd be neat to put pepperoni on, like, 1/4 of it and then on the other 3/4 do things like pineapple, black olives or whatever else people like to put on pizza. Though I suppose those things aren't technically toppings on account of how they get rolled inside the dough. If anyone has suggestions for what those foods should be called when they get put inside pizza, let me know.

One awesome thing we did was make a garlic dipping sauce! It was perfect for the swirls. To make that, all you need is butter, garlic powder and a little dash of salt.

Another thing Becca and I plan to do in the future is make a pesto version of the pizza swirl. Could anything sound more delicious? I submit that it cannot. I think the next party we have will probably be Italian/pizza themed.

Look forward to another food post (most likely) tomorrow since yesterday Stacy and I made her famous salsa!

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