Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Candy association

One of my roommates works at the candy counter in the bookstore here on campus. This semester she's been working the close shift so that means any candy that was spilled or couldn't be sold, she gets to bring home.

I sit here this fine evening, not doing homework because I've basically finished all of it, eating some of this fabulous candy. And I realized tonight how much I associate certain candy with certain people. For example:

The only package I ever sent a missionary was to my lovely Jordan. He's serving in Scotland. I sent him Reese's Pieces because he was so subtle in one letter at expressing his love for them. Today's bag of candy Stacy brought home is full of Reese's Pieces and as I began eating them I realized how I automatically began thinking of Jordan.

My friend Chelsea and I love the MadTV skit that goes something along the lines of, "Can I Have Yo Numba'?" We quote it often and have for the past few years. Ergo, whenever I eat Mike & Ikes, which I happen to love, I automatically think of that skit and then of Chelsea.

At the beginning of last semester, one night Hank and I went to the grocery store and bought candy. It was his idea. (He is very much so a child in the fact that he loves sugar.) It was quite a good idea, though. We bought, rather, he bought for us, Swedish Fish and those fruity flavored Tootsie Roll dealios. (Does anyone know what are they called exactly?) Swedish Fish already held a special place in my heart because my friend Brooke loves them so much. (She registered for them when she got married.) Now it's double memories since Hank and I had a great time hanging out that night.

My dad is a fan of those Milky Way Midnight bars. Therefore if I am having one I think of the time when they first came out and he said he liked them.

Perhaps my favorite candy memory comes from Matthew. We went on a date in November of 2009. Before going to this improv show, we stopped at the grocery store because he thought he wanted a snack. So we're looking at the candy aisle and there's a king sized Kit Kat bar. He decided we'd just get something to eat after the show, which was fine by me, so he didn't get the Kit Kat, but for the rest of the night he kept going on and on about that candy bar. And not just for the rest of the night, for the rest of forever. We still talk today about the date we went on when he didn't buy that giant Kit Kat bar. I'm pretty sure I mention in most of my letters to him whether or not I've eaten a Kit Kat bar lately.

And those are just the beginning. Candy is something special in my book, apparently. I like that idea.

Last YouTube video I watched: George Watsky - Go Big, Young Friends
(Okay, so technically it was the "Can I Have Yo Numba" skit because I just had to watch it after mentioning it. But I did watch George Watsky before that. I've been on a gwatsky kick lately.)

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