Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A thing I did today

So yeah, I posted already today. About candy. But I just thought of something else I did today that is way more nostalgia inducing and actually pretty serious.

Today I registered for spring classes. As Lorraine and I were eating our respective dinners of rice & vegetables w/ soy sauce and a lettuce wrap w/ cheese, she mentioned how we've been building up to this moment for the last two years, me specifically. Winter semester freshman year, very early on, I decided that I would be staying spring semester 2012 so that I might be able to see some of my lovely friends immediately after they returned home from their missions. I talked about this plan all the time over the past two years. There's probably at least one other blog post from way back when in which I mention it. Last semester it still seemed kind of other worldly to think I'd be in Utah during the spring.

But now it's really coming.

I had some distractions last semester so while I thought about the return of my friends quite often, it was a lot of tempered thought. That was probably a good thing. Last semester was the first time since my friends left that I really felt like I was moving towards something new and different, which I was. I mentioned in my post from Monday that because I've spent all this time waiting, I hardly know how to act with the returning. Looking back, those three months did bring me some guidance, though I wouldn't exactly call it anything concrete. Or maybe I'm just not willing to share what I learned, at least not yet. (Trust me, I learned some really important stuff, though.) A lot of things happened in the last few months of last year that would seem to be turning points of some sort or another. It's an interesting concept.

It's hard for me to decide what to share and what not to share tonight, if only for the fact that I'm scared I'll just be rambling. I think a lot of my posts on the subject of returning friends become quite repetitious. Though my intentions for each post seem different, somehow it all ends up sounding the same. I'm also still apprehensive about sharing on this blog the various details of specific events. One reason I'll admit for not sharing such details is because I find it (usually) much more helpful to work out such thoughts with real people, in real life. Writing about that stuff here sometimes feels like cheating, because I know how much I would benefit from actually talking about it all. What holds me back with actually talking to people is the fact that I need the right people around, especially since some of them have heard certain thoughts over and over again, and I don't want to burden them with it all.

And wow, this has become a completely different post than I stared out with . . . To get back on track: I registered for spring classes and I could not be more excited about it. I will most definitely be in the state of Utah for the returns of a few choice people who have pretty much changed my life.

Last YouTube video I watched: First Impressions (original Julia Nunes)

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