Monday, January 30, 2012

And so they return

Today was the first time I ran into a freshman friend on campus. I'd seen a few other guys from freshman year, one who was a good friend then, but today was the first accidental run in.

And it was glorious. (Maybe that's too strong a word, but it was super neat.)

I'd been having a pretty good day, nothing to complain about at all, really. As I was leaving my building to head home for lunch and to start homework I saw him. He lived with my best friend Matt so I know him well enough. Our apartments did a big group date once; it was way fun. But I digress. I had my headphones in and he had his in but when we saw each other it was a bit of a double take; at least, I kind of did a double take. Some of it was because just an hour or so before I was talking w/ Lorraine and Brooke about seeing freshman boys again. And then I saw one!

We hugged, which ended up not as nice as it should've been because of the glorious filled backpacks we're forced to haul around. He and I talked for five or ten minutes, just doing some quick catching up on school and on old friends. It was a fantastic little way to end my day on campus.

I think my favorite part of that moment, of seeing this guy who I was friends with but not best friends with, was that it still felt amazing. I've been waiting for two years for these boys to return to the place we met and now that they finally are I can hardly believe it. In a sense, I have no idea how to act. I worked so long on waiting that I'm not prepared for the returning. To have these people around from that awesome first year at college is just fantastic.

So for how exciting just seeing this kid was, I can hardly begin to imagine how exciting it will be to see Matthew and Jordan. I'm glad I have all semester to prepare, though I doubt it will matter in the slightest when those days come.

Last YouTube video I watched: Jason Mraz Cover (I Won't Give Up)

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