Thursday, August 2, 2012

On the naming of inanimate objects

I've been talking (read: texting) with Jordan this morning (as always) and we're talking about the different names we've come up w/ for objects in our lives; as in, we give real human names for everyday objects.

I know plenty of people that do this and it's strangely fun to do. My friend Cameron has a longboard named Guinevere. Kate's new car is named Basil. (Okay, so that's not quite a real human name but it's still named.)

My belongings are pretty much exclusively named for characters from books and TV shows. I think my favorite name of a thing I have is my phone, which is named Colin after the main character in An Abundance of Katherines by John Green. My very lovely friend Kate's full name is Katherine, so I made her read that book. From that point on, for whatever reason, her phone was Hassan, named for Colin's best friend, and my phone was Colin. It goes a bit beyond the phones though since we've actually addressed letters to each other using those names. (We boh quite like that book.) At this point I cannot even remember why we gave our phones those names. I wish I did. It's a shame I didn't blog back then.

Well, I should probably finish up this post so it gets posted on time. Since I get home from work at 11 little time is left to write at night, which is when I enjoy blogging the most. I now have five days of work left. It was almost only four but I got scheduled to work on Saturday. It's not a terrible thing because who doesn't need extra money like that but it's still a bit disappointing since I don't get to hang out w/ Megan and Kate. I try to stay positive about working on Saturdays by thinking of what I'll do w/ the extra money. It's really just going towards food and rent and textbooks but I like to think it's really for awesome road trips and other adventures.

I'll be back in Utah in only SIX DAYS. Time sure flies when all I do is work and talk to Jordan.

Last YouTube video I watched: The Invisible Man

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