Thursday, August 16, 2012

I have but few words, so here's a list instead

So as you'll remember, Tuesday I was too tired to blog so I had Jordan do it for me. That was a great decision.

He wrote about a perfect summer day. I'm trying to come up w/ something to rival that but it just doesn't exist right now. I'm not sure if yesterday was perfect but it was quite brilliant as far as Wednesdays are concerned. I have no complaints regarding yesterday, but it's not a day that's easily described. 

It's best to call it awesome and leave it at that. It really was awesome for a lot of reasons too. So have a list of why yesterday was awesome. (This reminds me of when 5AG was still completely a thing. I miss those days.)

  • At Ikea, Jordan and I found the perfect couch.
  • Visiting Ikea in general. (The Swedes know what they're doing when it comes to interior design, that's for sure.)
  • I had a grilled cheese panini w/ pesto as part of my dinner. 
  • Stacy shared her mango with me.
  • We, as in Stacy and I, saw The Hunger Games at the dollar theatre and it was as epic as ever.
  • Becca told me she's starting to make her unique brooch bouquet for her wedding. Let's not forget that Becca IS NOT GETTING MARRIED. At least not anytime soon. Like, at all.
I mean, any day that includes Ikea is automatically wonderful so all the other stuff is just bonus niceness.

Enjoy the rest of your summer, my friends. School fast approaches.

Last YouTube video I watched: 1st Day of School Outfits

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Becca said...

You're still on about the brooch boquet?!? hahahahahahahahahhaha